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Making Your Life A Little Brighter

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About Us

Our story began in Minnesota several years ago when we blended our families.  We knew at that time that we could do great things and we found that we both had a passion for helping others.

Brent finished college with a degree in Business Management, has been a certified home inspector, and has well over 20 years of experience working on and around homes (including growing up helping his father and grandfather work on their homes).  Julie has extensive knowledge and experience working in business. She knows how to make them run smoothly and efficiently while focusing on the needs of the staff and customers alike.

Together we ran a very successful home remodeling and handyman business in Minnesota.  After raising our children and watching them leave the home, we decided to chase our own dreams and start a new adventure! In 2015 we visited Colorado and saw may places, but felt that some day we could call Colorado Springs our home.  In 2019 our youngest son shipped out for Marine boot camp, we sold our home in Minnesota, and packed up to start our journey west.  In May of 2020 we realized our dream and purchased a home in Colorado Springs.  It was during that time that we saw a need, and felt we could once again provide our services in "Making Your Life A Little Brighter!"

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